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Jallikatu is sport based out of southern states of Tamiladu. In ancient times, Brave young men over powered fiery bull and this is practised till date in Tamilnadu.

On the 4th day, Kanya Pongal, coloured balls of the pongal are made and are offered to birds. Bundles containing money are tied to the horns of ferocious bulls, and unarmed villagers try to wrest the bundles from them. Bullock cart races and cock-fights are also held.

Ballads, folk dances, dramas and songs have rich cultural heritages, 'Jallikattu' or bull fight' played in Madurai, Trichy areas are more ferocious than the bull fight which is the beloved sport of Latin speakers in Europe and south America.

Cattle are decorated with garlands, their horns coloured, and mango leyes hung round their necks. Then they are led about in procession exempted from all labour, and virtually, if not actually, worshipped. On this occasion the Jallikattu (bull fight) is held in Al1angunal1ur, near Chennai. Cattle are decorated with garlands, their horns are coloured and mango leaves are hung round their necks. They are led in a procession


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